Arrow Trans Corp – average monthly numbers

pounds of cargo each month 5.5 mln

miles traveled each month 600 000

total warehouse space 312,500 sf2

1.000 routes each month

60 000 working hours each month

125 trucks


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Arrow Trans Corp is a dynamically developing logistics company. Headquartered in the United States Midwest, we provide superior logistics services throughout the USA.

USE OUR WINGS TO SOAR – Our company tagline is more than words! Our daily approach to streamlining logistics enables your business to rise above the competition. Work with Arrow Trans Corp and see what the talk is about!
Our fast paced and rapidly growing company prides itself in employing the best in the industry. We know that a happy operations team leads to maximized efficiency and loyal clients.

We love innovation and strive to consistently improve our industry! Our work excites us and we take pride in giving our all with each and every order (no matter how small).

Arrow Trans Corp has experienced remarkable growth since its inception almost 15 years ago. We not only strive for continuous technological progress, but the progress in service quality that ensues from innovation.


Our equipment is reliable and prepared for any and every challenge a client may require. We take client satisfaction seriously and know that all successful businesses have mutually beneficial transactions. We provide a uniquely personal logistical experience, affordably!


Special needs? Just ask! We love catering to unique requests!


When you need a full truck to transport freight, count on us to get it there safe.


LTL is perfect for smaller loads and frequent transport.


Get your loads to their destination faster than ever with our Expedited/Team service!


Looking to ship temperature sensitive goods like frozen food, pharmaceuticals, floral, or anything requiring unique temperature-controlled solutions?


Long-term relationships have been integral to our success. We know that loyalty, to our employees and to our clients, is the key driver to Arrow Trans Corp success. We value and invest in our people.
Thanks to efficient and cost-effective transportation solutions, intrinsic people values, and constant innovation, we ensure every Arrow Trans Corp client walks away satisfied.


As a recognizable and trustworthy brand, we are the first, and best, choice for customers seeking effective transportation solutions in the USA.


Our success is built on core values. In daily operations and in long-term client relationships, we emphasize a handful of principles:


We provide unmatched support to our clients and employees.


Our proven track record of long-term relationships with clients and employees ensures future and consistent growth.


Our vision for the future keeps us focused on developing business relationships, improving our fleet, technological innovation, and core competencies.


We distinguish ourselves by attention to detail in customer service and operations.

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Our experienced and well-coordinated team works in a family atmosphere, ensuring and improving our efficiency in both daily and long-term standards. Thanks to our well-coordinated team, we are at the forefront of professionalism in the difficult and demanding logistics industry… and our long-term clients are the best evidence!

We put a lot of emphasis on diversity in the workplace — our team of expert employees can fluently speak with you in five languages, finding the best solutions to meet your unique and evolving needs. Diversity and flexibility are integral to maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction!

Our broker relationships are as long lasting as they are widespread! Our nation-wide team of educated and dedicated brokers are ready to assist you 24/7. As for our drivers, they are experienced, skilled, and well-prepared for any weather or road condition.

Piotr Klich

Arrow Trans Corp’s Founder and Owner

A natural-born businessman. He took his first steps as an entrepreneur in high school and since then he has been successfully involved in many business projects. Arrow Trans Corp was founded in 2010, starting with one truck. Thanks to his innate persistence, for last 10 years he has enlarged the company to the impressive size and made it become a very important element of the transportation market on the Mid-West. Despite the success of Arrow Trans Corp, Piotr is not settling on his laurels and is still involved in further ventures, building a broad, multi-business corporation.


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