One of our greatest assets is the fact that we execute all contracts with our own fleet. This allows us to provide the highest-quality services, mechanical performance, and the ability to exercise full control over the course of transport. From loading to unloading, we ensure our fleet is maintained to the highest mechanical standards.

Trucks and trailers belonging to our company meet the highest requirements of technical efficiency and safety. We continually invest in fleet development, meeting and exceeding the growing demand for our services.

Unlike many logistics companies, we value safety above savings. Our internal mechanic shops employ the best in the industry and enable Arrow Trans Corp’ fleet to maintain excellent technical condition. We have all relevant certificates regarding the efficiency and optimal condition of our vehicles, proudly going beyond legal requirements and replacing wear and tear components before they become problematic. This gives our equipment a unique reliability and further promoting our reputation. You can rely on us!

Our clients have at their disposal over 100 modern trucks and over 150 different trailers.


So, how has our fleet maintained such an excellent safety culture? Through consistent hard work.

Even the best equipped fleet suffers efficiency loss without constant overhauling by an internal Safety Department. Our safety staff is exceptionally well educated, experienced, and dedicated!

When business decisions are made, including meeting customer’s demands the first question is “Can we do this safely?” The quality of a safety culture depends on the consistency of communication and values, from the top down.

We know that our consistent approach to safety produces the best results. Daily audits and monitoring is a daily task with every driver, truck and trailer. That consistency goes beyond the communication and shared values just discussed. It requires constant action! And we do it all the time!

Combined Load Management System


All our logistics operations are integrated in one, custom made Combined Load Management System. The application easily connects the client with all departments involved in the transport of each load – from dispatchers, through the warehouse, the Safety department, accounting and finally the driver. The application not only speeds up communication process, it also protects all sensitive data related to the transport of our loads, because we are sure that they remain only on our servers. The integration of all departments and operations in one application allows the company to operate more efficiently resulting in seamless cargo transit. We are ready for hundreds of new customers and thousands of additional loads, which we will handle faster than competition.


Customer Side

Real time Status Updates to customers
Image Shown to Customer (BOL/POD)

Driver Side
Real time updates to drivers
POD/BOL Image capture will be visible
Onboard /Pickup & Delivery dates, time
Onboard/ Reference #, Pickup #, Delivery #, memos
Extremely User Friendly
Google Maps Integration to show destination on the map
Safety Department Protocol –CDL A update reminder, medical diagnostics reminders, accident protocol, weather hazard notifications
Online registration to speed up the wait time to process new hires
One-time activation code and no username or pass to remember
Multi – lingual (Polish, English, Spanish, Ukrainian, Bosnian, Serbian etc.)
Pop up application notification for new work task to be given

Employee Side
Real time submission on BOL/POD Images
Live status update on driver to dispatcher/warehouse crew
Real time driver check in and out on pickup or delivery
Easy Mile Tracker
Pay reports on the app
Clock in/out times for drivers

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