March was the month of focused activities aimed at both marketing and appreciating employees of Arrow Trans Corp, people who are the company’s foundation and image. The strategies introduced have proven that despite difficult market situation, Arrow Trans Corp. takes good care of every employee. It also confirms the opinion that it pays to work for a company that is a leader in the industry.

The first occasion was International Women’s Day. This popular holiday, celebrated on March 8, became an opportunity to hand out Starbucks gift cards to every woman working at the company. In addition to that, male workers have also received gift cards that they could then give to their spouses and significant others, and lady friends on their holiday. In total, over 150 gift cards were purchased and distributed to employees and family members.

As in the previous months, we are continuing the Driver of The Month contest. It enjoys steadfast interest and popularity from employees, for the winner enjoys valuable prizes. These are The Best of The Best trophy, a cash bonus, and a voucher to the Opolska Restaurant, one of the many partner companies. This allows the winner to celebrate with the family over a tasty meal.
This month, the Arrow Trans Corp. has also organized an art project for kids, introducing spring competition for children of the company’s employees. The mission was to color the Arrow Trans Corp truck using spring colors and themes and a variety of artistic techniques. Naturally, the contest was complete with prizes and rewards, and the participants were as many, as they were talented which made choosing the winners especially difficult.

These three projects testify to the fact that everyone working at Arrow Trans Corp. is appreciated for the work they do, and the company does a great deal to ensure that employees are satisfied and rewarded for a job well done. Therefore, it is worth taking a job in a company whose management understands that the company’s success depends on the efforts, achievements and wellbeing of its employees and the best motivation is initiatives and strategies targeted at employees.

Finally, Arrow Trans Corp is proud of its loyalty program that has been dynamically developing for several months, details of which can be found at Arrow Trans Corp. initiated a great way of supporting and recommending products and services of its partners, using short advertising and promotional videos on social media. That in turn, motivates the participating businesses to recommend the services of Arrow Trans Corp. Not only does this form of cooperation permit Arrow Trans employees to use discount cards and rebates at various places, but it also supports local businesses and has already met with great interest from other potential partners.

Ideas such as the ones mentioned above are, next to hard work, the key to success and development of Arrow Trans Corp, despite the difficulties that many companies face. When it comes to employees, regular payments, comfortable working conditions, and benefits but also special programs and these marketing activities showing the employees they are appreciated make a great difference. Generous holiday bonuses also solidify the opinion that Arrow Trans Corp. is an employer that understands the needs of its workers, employed in all positions, and focuses not only on professional but also personal success. Growth and expansion of the company are strengthened by the belief that everyone can rely on everyone else and expect help and support in meeting the challenges they face, and that the notion of community and family also applies to the workplace. Do not hesitate, apply at Arrow Trans Corp. today.

If you like to work for a company with the highest reputation, providing the best working conditions and great pay, be sure to call 773-954-5787 and find out what we can offer you to change your work and life for the better.

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