For a long time Arrow Trans Corp has been a leading company among the many transport firms based in Chicagoland – a company that appreciates hard work, commitment and dedication of its employees. Arrow Trans Corp believes its drivers are an integral part of the company’s image, and it’s thanks to them that the company maintains a high position in the market. It is why the management once again organized the Driver of the Year competition.

Throughout the year, all employees vote for the Driver of the Month. The group of winners of the last edition included: Bogdan Chomiak, Łukasz Gębarowski, Janusz Stanczyk, Marcin Tudos, Serghei Rotari, Jan Szypcio, Piotr Strek, Sławomir Bobula, Tomasz Todyk, Merill Sewer, Andrzej / Zofia Skoropad and Piotr Dobrzyński. These are 12 people distinguished by their exceptional work ethic, ability to work well within a team and a creative and effective approach to each situation, all in all – the best of the best. And from within them, the Driver of the Year is selected. Although the selection process was not easy, because candidates were assessed according to various criteria: their work, motivation and achievements and overall results, the winner was ultimately chosen. The title of Driver of the Year went to Piotr Strek, an employee who’s worked for Arrow Trans Corp for 4 years. In addition to congratulations from the management and colleagues during the ceremony, Piotr received a check for $ 1000 and a trophy. As his thank you note stated, the distinction was a surprise for him, but also a great joy: “It is a great honor for me that you chose me from the group of really great drivers and I became the Driver of the Year. I am very glad that I work among people and for a company that notices and appreciates its employees . “

Both Driver of the Month and Driver of the Year competitions are great initiatives and savvy marketing strategies on the path of the company’s management. They show that Arrow Trans Corp. is a company focused on employees, supporting their development and their successes such as the title of the best driver of the year. It is also a company that presents its image of a workplace through the lens of its employees’ success, because the community and company’s support are important. Undeniably, these are advantages that should be taken into account by anyone who is considering working for a company that knows how to motivate and appreciate its employees.

As already mentioned, Arrow Trans Corp. highly appreciates people working in and for the company and tries to integrate and reward employees through various activities and initiatives. This summer with the initiative of Arrow Trans Corp. and Arrow Doors management, a family picnic was held at the Busse Woods for the first time in the companies’ history. Its main goal was to thank the employees and their families for their daily work as well as the opportunity to spend time during joyful family fun. And because the weather was good, the event abounded in many attractions, especially for the youngest. So there was face painting, bouncy castle, petting zoo, pony rides and tug of war. The adults were not left out of the family games, as various contests, tug of war games, balloon races, sack races and couples races have been prepared for them. There was also an Arrow Trans Corp knowledge contest, in which the main prize was a vacation in sunny Florida. The winner of that award was Jan Pawlikowski, a driver who has just celebrated his 5th anniversary working for Arrow Trans. There was also live music performed by DJ Jolo and tasty foods prepared by one of Arrow Trans partners – KD Market.

The 200 people who participated in the picnic did not forget about the noble goal -money collection for little Antoś, for whom a major surgery is the only chance to save his eyesight. Gathered participants and their families donated nearly $3000 to that end.

“It’s great that everyone responded so enthusiastically to the call for help that there are so many generous donors who cross their fingers for the boy’s recovery,” said Piotr Klich, CEO of Arrow Trans Corp.

Helping Antoś was not the first initiative of this type. Arrow Trans Corp. is happy to partake in charity actions such as fundraising for treatment or financial support for those in need. Thanks to this, they offer hope and contribute to the picture of a company that enjoys sharing with others.

The first family picnic turned out to be a great success. Employees and members of the management spent joyful moments playing together outdoors, talking and strengthening ties. If you are considering joining a team which will make you feel like a family, inquire about employment opportunities at Arrow Trans Corp. today. It is a workplace where job satisfaction is a priority. If you like to learn more, please contact us: 773 954 5787.

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